Total Premiums {2020}


Total Paid Claims{2020}


Total Insured {2020}


Total Employees In Private Sector {2020}


Total Private Institutions {2020}


Total Health Insurance Policies {2020}

Public Health Institution

50 Hospitals

50 Health Center

22 Polyclinics

261 Total

Private Health Institute


Private Hospital


Poly Clinics And Health Center


Center For MRI Diagnosis


Dental Clinic


General Clinics

Medical Staff Data

215 Total Consultants

1,183 Total Specialists

1,108 Total Medical Officers

Medical Equipment Data


Operations rooms


Radiology Rooms



Emergency beds


Admaion beds




Insurance Premiums







Total Premiums


Net Premiums


Paid Claims


No of Claims

2,674,523 Outstanding Claims

4,962,676 Total Claims

Claims Paid

5,575,270 General Expense

192,324,299 Net Claims Paid

57,875,261 Paid Claims


34,455 No Of Policies

377,029 No Of Insured Omanies With Family

341,449 No Of Insured Expatriates With Family

1,923,846 Total Treated

Ministry of Labour

Royal Oman Police

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Wednesday,30 March 2022

Second Meeting with the Members of the Omani Medical Association

The Capital Market Authority reviewed with the members of the Omani Medical Association the execution of the health insurance scheme for the employees of the private sector, residents and visitors with the ...

Wednesday,12 January 2022

First Training Program on Medical Coding

First Training Program on Medical CodingThe Capital Market Authority organized a trainers’ training program to acquaint them to train others in matters related to health insurance electronic link “Dhamani ...

Monday,13 September 2021

CMA License 4 Health Insurance TPAs

The Capital Market Authority issued licenses for four Health Insurance Third Party Administrators (TPAs) up to end of June this year to enhance the regulatory aspect of health insurance market in the Sultanate ...

Monday,12 July 2021

CMA Announces Commencement of Introductory Programs of Dhamani Platform

The Capital Market Authority has announced commencement of the introductory programs of the electronic link of the health insurance system in the Sultanate ( Dhamani Platform) in preparation for the first phase ...

Thursday,17 June 2021

Amendment of the Insurance Companies Law and Takaful Insurance Law

Al Salmi: The Amendment of the Insurance Companies Law and Takaful Insurance Law focus on separating Health Insurance as Independent Activity with Largest Share in the MarketHE Sheikh Abdullah Salim Al Salmi, ...

Sunday,16 May 2021

CMA Announces Tender for E-payment of Service for Dhamani Platform

The Capital Market Authority announced a tender for e-payment service for Dhamani health insurance platform. The service will enable transfer of funds between health services providers and insurance ...

Monday,08 March 2021

CMA Launches Electronic System for Licensing Health Insurance TPAs

In line with Oman Vision 2040 to achieve its objects in speeding up digital transformation moves to smart government and in continuation of the CMA’s approach in digitalizing its services to the public swiftly ...

Thursday,31 December 2020

CMS Suspends 36 Insurance Agents

The Capital Market Authority has issued a decision to suspend 36 insurance agents for violating Article 4 Clause 9/a of the regulation for licensing insurance agents for failure to adjust their situations in ...

Monday,28 December 2020

A New Department in Capital Market Authority against Money Laundering and Terrorism

Al-Ibri: The department is working on spreading awareness, legislate and contribute to the national and international efforts to combat this phenomenon.The Capital Market Authority introduced to its ...

Thursday,24 December 2020

Dhamani Team Reviews the Developments and Implementation of First Phase

The Health Insurance Team discussed in its 11th meeting, chaired by Ahmed Ali Al Maamari, Vice President for Insurance Sector, the key developments in the preparation for implementation of the compulsory ...

Thursday,15 October 2020

Capital Market Authority Participates in the 6th Regional Forum for Medical Insurance

The Sultanate, represented by the Capital Market Authority, participated in the sixth Regional Forum for Medical Insurance, which held the title of “The Medical Insurance Industry and Health Care between Facing ...

Wednesday,23 September 2020

CMA Commences Establishment of Dhamani Electronic Platform

Dhamani Platform will contribute to quality health insurance for patients and sound transactionsThe Capital Market Authority has concluded Dhamani Platform contract with Info Line LLCin collaboration with its ...

Sunday,26 July 2020

CMA Issues the Regulations for Health Insurance Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

• The requirements are adequately flexible for investment initiatives by nationals – H.E. Abdullah Bin Salem Al Salmi • This is one of the investment opportunities within the health insurance sector due to its ...

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