Concept of Health Insurance

Pooling funds from beneficiaries in the form of annual premiums paid in consideration for provision of health care as and when needed during the contract term

Health insurance is based on the concept of distributing the expected risk encountering the individual to mitigate the burden and the costs resulting from treatment of cases of diseases the beneficiaries are suffering.

Objects of implementation of health care in the sultanate of Oman

Health care scheme is based on a numbers of mainstays:

  1. Provision of health care for the employees of the private sector who are not covered by any health care previously.
  2. Encouraging divarication and competition in the provision of medical services in the various regions of the sultanate and creating positive investment environment in this field.
  3. Ensuring quality services provided by insurers and health care units and easy access for the insured.
  4. Limiting high costs incurred by the employers in the private sector.
  5. Limiting irregularities accompanying implementation of health insurance system to guarantee the success of the scheme.

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